5 Bad Habits You Need to Break to Become Successful


In most cases it’s not what you know, or how smart you are that dictates your success, but rather it’s what you do and the habits that you practice and a daily basis.

If you truly want to be successful in what you do you’ll need to break these 5 bad habits:

1. Stop Watching So Much TV

I’m as much of a fan of Netflix as the rest of the country, however I would simply not have the success I do today (financially, emotionally and physically) if I watched lots of regular TV. I know people that keep up with every Netflix, HBO and Showtime series. That’s way too much “wasted” time. If you want to free up your time to attack some projects, you’ll need to cut down on regular TV.

“I wish I watched more TV last week” – said no one ever

2. Stop Eating Garbage Food

I get it, it’s hard to plan meals and you don’t have time to pack a lunch for work. Unfortunately bad eating habits today will be reflected in poor health in the future.

Get in the habit of saying NO to fast and unhealthy eating. I’m not suggesting you cut out all convenience food, but make it a treat when you do. Your mind and body will thank you for this later.

Start with one of two healthy meals a week and build on increases those meals over the next few months. You’ll start to feel better, have more energy and begin building a even stronger body and mind through improved nutrition.

3. Stop Complaining About the Little Things!

It’s human nature (seems even more prevalent today) to complain and sometimes feel sorry for yourself. We all have bad days and it can be challenging not to complain when things don’t go our way, but that’s just life.

That being said, most things in life are not worth complaining about and only serve to reinforce negative emotions. Many people in the world have legitimate things to complain about. But if you and your family are healthy, can feed and house yourself and you have the means to work hard there shouldn’t be any excuse for sweating the small stuff.

“Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course” – William Shakespeare

We all have periodic challenges. The biggest test of character and future success will be how you choose to handle these challenges.

4. Stop Being Such a Bad Finisher

It’s really easy to start something, whether it’s opening a gym membership, starting a website, starting to write a book or simply planning your backyard garden. This is something that took me a great deal of time to learn. As a serial entrepreneur I have a bad history of starting a lot of projects that didn’t received the proper amount of attention.

New projects will always be exciting in the early stages of the venture. However the real success will come once you can push through the monotony of tasks and finish what you started.

Many potentially profitable ventures lay in the graveyard of the bad finishers

5. Get More Sleep

It has been shown in study after study that getting a proper amount of rest is vitally important to physical and mental health. If you’re constantly tired and mentally drained you’ll simply not be at your best. Unless you’re doing something really productive late at night it’s time to put your head on the pillow and get a good night’s rest.

Final Thought

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. The same can be said for breaking bad ones. Spend the time today to train your brain into better decisions and you’ll find success just around the corner in everything you do. Good luck!