51 Rules Successful People Follow (and you should start following as well)


Achieving success in all areas of life is almost never about how much smarter you are then others, rather it’s a factor of good habits being exercised over long periods of time without fail.

If you want to be successful just follow those before you and start making the habits below part of your daily routine. So, what do successful people do?

  1. They get up early

  2. They get and appropriate amount of sleep

  3. They work really, really, really hard

  4. They do things that scare them

  5. They get out of their comfort zone

  6. They learn something new everyday

  7. They don’t put people down just to make themselves feel better

  8. They trust their gut

  9. They help other people

  10. They congratulate others on their success

  11. They don’t let others take advantage of them

  12. They never feel sorry for themselves

  13. They don’t hurt people

  14. They stand up for people

  15. They know their weaknesses

  16. They work on their weaknesses

  17. They help other people reach their goals

  18. They write out their goals

  19. They make to do lists and stick to them

  20. They use email effectively

  21. They finish projects they start

  22. They know when to scrap a project

  23. They spend time with their family

  24. They don‘t make excuses

  25. They avoid burnout

  26. They exercise on a regular basis

  27. They know how to delegate

  28. They are not afraid to say no

  29. They are not afraid to say yes

  30. They are not worried what other people think

  31. They don’t buy things to impress other people

  32. They live below their means

  33. They plan head

  34. They have huge self discipline

  35. They eat healthy

  36. They are not afraid to laugh at themselves

  37. The fail often

  38. They are not afraid to fail

  39. They have fears, but they don’t let this stop them

  40. They hang around other successful people

  41. They are good salesmen

  42. They are passionate about that they do

  43. They have lots of connections

  44. They are optimistic

  45. They are driven

  46. They don’t get discouraged easily

  47. They are accountable to their actions

  48. They can privet and make necessary business changes quickly

  49. They are good public speakers

  50. They read lots

  51. They are content creators more than content consumers

  52. They eat a healthy diet

They have come before you, and they will be here after you are gone. Want to be as successful as the people you admire? Why not emulate them and see where it takes you.

Happy journey!