Monthly Income Reports


I’ve decided to outline in general terms my monthly income reports. You’re probably asking yourself, why would I be inclined to share this information. First, by outlining and journaling my monthly income reports I’ll gain a greater sense of perspective on my overall performance which will allow me to better understand my progress towards my goals.

Second, and more importantly, I’m disclosing this information to help others truly understand how possible it is to make a 6 figure income if you put in the right amount of work and consistency. I was motivated to include these reports by people like Pat Flynn who I’ve followed from the very start of his blog and monthly earning reports. He continues to be a great inspiration and source of support to thousands of his followers.

As you will see from my detailed income reports most of my income is comprised of my consulting practice income. My hope with this journal is to increase my other sources of income in an effort to diversify out my income beyond current levels and types of income.

I welcome any comments you may have about my progress and current earnings. I look forward to sharing my successes, challenges and failures so we can all continue to learn.

July 2016 Income Report

August 2016 Income Report (Coming Soon)