Let’s Make Some Big Cash on $DLHC Tomorrow and a recap of $LRAD


Running through some screens tonight and I stumbled across $DLHC, a holding company that provides healthcare delivery services. The stock has been in a nice uptrend lately both on the daily and monthly chart as outlined below:

$DLHC monthly chart $DLHC daily chart

With some decent fundamentals and a recent pullback to $5.00 from the 52 week high of $5.72 this could move back up and test the recent high.

Will be looking at an entry tomorrow morning and will likely get long if the stock doesn’t gap up too much early in the session.

Still holding $LRAD long at $2.01 and it seems to be holding around the $1.88 level. That being said it this thing doesn’t get back up to the $2.00 level I’m getting the hell out.

I’ll check back in tomorrow.