Trading and Investment Updates – 2017


Update 07/06/2018 – All current and closed positions for 2018 and beyond will be tracked in this post going forward.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how I should be tracking my investments and trading history. I’ve realized now, although I’m relatively please with my performance to date, I have not properly documented my trades or investing ideas. This has lead to some trades and investments that have become stale and in some cases positions in my investment or trading account that I’ve forgotten why I put the trade on in the first place. I’ve also started to get involved in crypto currency trading and investing (definitely late to the party).

From now on I’ll be tracking my trading and investing ideas, performance and other thoughts on future investments below. I’ll also be creating pages to track the following:

  • Long-term investment ideas (for the retirement account)
  • Trading ideas and performance

No doubt these pages will change throughout the next few months, but at least they will allow me to document, track and properly meditate on my thought processes. As with always, I would love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

Update September 16, 2017:

Here we go, first update for 2017. What a year, the market stayed relatively strong and what many would have attributed the run to (Trump) has seemed to carry through the summer. Unfortunately I’m having a tough time staying too long in my investment account. We are almost 10 years from the last crash and although this run could last another few years I’m staying quite cautious.

I do hold the belief that it’s almost impossible to time the market consistently, and by continuing to be in the market is the only way to properly take advantage of market returns. That being said I don’t feel comfortable with the market as a whole currently and I’m holding quite a bit of cash.